Celebrate the squeak!

Celebrate National Cheese Curd Day by becoming a curd expert with our favorite cheesy curd nuggets of knowledge.

Did you know…
It takes 10 pounds of milk to make 1 pound of cheese curds.

What type of cheese are curds?
Cheese curds are simply a young cheddar. Instead of being molded into a form, they are milled and bagged as fresh curd.

What is the curd liquid?
At room temperature a liquid is released from the curds called liquid whey — a natural occurrence during the cheese making process.

Are 3-day-old curds now “bad”?
Like all cheese, curds simply age with time. Older cheese curds make for great additions to salads, in your eggs or breaded and fried.

Why do cheese curds squeak?
The protein network found in cheese curds is woven tightly, allowing it to “rebound” from our teeth as we bite, creating a squeak.

So, go ahead, get a fresh bag and squeak away. Then be sure to share with everyone within earshot your curd-tastic expertise.