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How to cut cheese like a pro

Posted by Anna Laurin on
How to cut cheese like a pro

The secret to a great cheese board isn’t just good cheese, it’s all about the presentation!

And we’re here to help make cutting the cheese easy. Kid humor, we’re here for it.

Before digging in, take your cheese out of the fridge approximately 30 minutes before serving. By letting the cheese sit and warm to room temperature allows the flavors to develop. Fair warning, warmer cheese is harder to cut but cutting too early can cause fresh cheeses to dry out. We suggest cutting a portion of each cheese at the start of your event and keeping an eye on the cheese board, replenishing when necessary.

To slice cheese up like a professional you don’t need a fancy cheese knife set. A sharp paring knife — like The Creamery Metal Cheese Knife — should do the trick to cut softer cheeses, while a wire cheese slicer is a great investment for cutting hard cheeses.

Rounds into Wedges

From our cheddar cheeses to our Gouda and Monterey jack cheeses, almost all our signature cheese flavors come in a 1-pound mini horn round. Which means the serving possibilities are endless, the easiest being cutting it down into bite-sized wedges.

As if cutting a cake, cut small triangular wedge of the desired portion size from the round. From there you can slice the triangular wedge into smaller wedges.

For even smaller pieces lay each wedge on its flat side and begin slicing from top to bottom in thin slices. 

Drawing shows how to cut wedge into pieces

Blocks into Slices or Cubes

A few of our cheese flavors and styles are available online in 2.5- to 5-pound bricks. Whether you’re using this for cold cut sandwiches or looking to serve up a cheese board, the friendliest way to present this amount of cheese is slices or bites.

For slices, lay the cheese with its largest surface down and slice into small rectangles. From there you can cut the slices in half to create a club cracker sized slice and in half again for the perfect square slice of cheese.

drawing shows how to cut block into pieces

For cubes, do the same thing but cut your slices 3-4 times thicker, about a three quarters of an inch thick, so that when you get down to cutting it in fourths it comes out to a perfect square. These cubes display beautifully with a knot pick out the top or on a mini kabab paired with tasty accompaniments.

drawing shows how to cut block into cubes

The Zipper Cut and Style

A popular and a beautiful way to display cheeses, this cut and style will take your board up a notch.

Using a rectangular block of cheese, like Troyer® Chipotle Cheese or Gossner Foods® Sharp Cheddar Cheese, lay the cheese with its largest surface down and slice into small rectangles. Then cut diagonally across from corner to corner. You should have two right angle triangle slices with one long bottom, a short side and long diagonal hypotenuse.

Stack the cheeses up next to each other with every other slice having a taller side opposite the next slice.

Drawing shows how to cut cheese for a zipper-styled stack of cheese

Now that you can cut cheese, pick out some seasonal pairing and you’re ready to make the simplest of cheese boards

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