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Try these delicious pairings for The Creamery cheeses

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From selecting the board and flavors to pairing cheeses with sides, creating a cheese board can seem like a daunting task. The quickest tip we can give you is to K.I.S.S. Keep It Simple Silly.

When creating an edible art piece to be enjoyed by friends and family, keep the cheese pairings simple and start with similar flavor intensity — like a mild cheese paired with a mild beer. Then add enough contrast to create a more favorable spread.

Finding the right snacks (crackers and pretzels) or tidbits (fruits, nuts and candies), doesn’t take the professional opinion of a chef. It simply comes down to the flavors you like! You can search the internet for suggested pairings which might lead you to find new ideas or combinations, but ultimately fill the board with flavors you enjoy.

Just in case you’re still scratching your head. Here are is our guide to pairing a few of The Creamery cheeses and our favorite flavor combinations.

The Creamery Cheddars

From the newest of the cheddars, Baby Cheddar, to our most mature, Extra Sharp Cheddar, these brightly colored orange cheeses deliver a smooth Cheddar flavor that pairs well with your favorite dishes and snacks.

Our favorite simple Cheddar pairings include bacon, apple slices, fig jam and cashews.


The Creamery Green Onion

Made with our buttery and mild Monterey Jack, Green Onion features green onions, sour cream and our special blend of spices.

Our newest flavor, Green Onion pairs well with sweet fruits — like strawberries or grapes — wheat crackers, tomatoes, red bell peppers and chocolate.


The Creamery Monterey Jack

Our Monterey Jack’s buttery, mild flavor makes melting this cheese’s specialty.

From caraway seeds, dill or fennel, to jalapeño peppers, spicy jam or Italian ham, the simple flavor with a smooth finish makes this cheese easy to pair with flavorful tidbits.


The Creamery Pepper Jack

Our Pepper Jack strikes the perfect balance of heat thanks to the buttery taste and semi-smooth texture of our Monterey Jack speckled with jalapeño peppers.

Get the full smooth and creaminess of this cheese when it’s paired with a berry jam, strawberries, pickled vegetables or olives.


Signature Cheese Curds

As a natural part of the cheese-making process, our Curds’ firm, springy texture and mild flavor are what all our visitors rave about. We like to say it’s our signature cheese; others say it’s squeaky.

These squeaky chunks of delight can be enjoyed by themselves or mixed with other items to create a cheesy-trail mix. We suggest trying these alongside an IPA or with club crackers, salami or toasted almonds.


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