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Assembling ANY cheese board

Posted by Anna Laurin on
Assembling ANY cheese board

Cheese board making 101 – the master class on assembling any ingredient list and make it Instagram worthy.

When it comes to making a cheese board the combinations and pairings are endless. From what cheeses and accompaniments to include, to how to cut cheese there’s really a million right answers and only one wrong – to not make a cheese board.

Working from the larger items to the smallest, no matter what you are including, here are the basic steps to assembling an epic cheese board.


Pick out a flat surface. You can a wooden cutting board, serving tray or a small sheet pan, as long as you pile it high with deliciousness no one will even notice what you have used.

Image of boards available for sale in store

Jars or Ramekins

Start with jars, small bowls or ramekins – typically these would include your condiments and jarred vegetables, nuts or extra tid bits. Space these out across your board. If you have two place them at opposite corners of the board. If you have three, place two in the upper right corners and one in the lower middle.

 Image of jars placed on empty wooden board


Cut and prep your cheese – check out our cutting guide and decide what styles of cuts work with The Creamery cheeses you’re working with.

Place the cheese near the flavor of dip, jam or honey that you’d like guests to try together. This can be as simple as piling cubes of cheese or creating the zipper cut and style with cheese wedges. 

Image of cheeses added to wooden board around jars


Cut and add your meats to the board. Again, this is as simple as piling prosciutto or creating a salami rosette river. Play with your placement and have fun.

Images of meats added to cheese board 


Place your crackers, baguettes or breads near your meat and cheese combos, fanning out club or wheat crackers for dramatic affect. Long pretzels can add a dramatic flair to the board.

 Image of crackers added to cheeses board

Fruits & Vegetables

From strawberry fans and kiwi rivers to cucumber veggie rolls and carrot spears, the pop of colors and bright flavors fruits and veggies add can help create an exciting (and healthy) cheese board.

Work through fruits and veggies you have for the board, recognizing if you’d like to include extra prep or style per item (i.e. said strawberry fans or speared carrots). Once your items are prepped begin creating homes for them on the board.

At this point you may be moving and adjusting prior items on the board, that’s ok! There’s never been a cheese board assembled on the first attempt perfectly.

Image of fruits and vegetables being added to cheese board


Do you have weird gaps? No worries fill them in with extra tid bits. From chocolate covered pretzels and candied pecans to dried cranberries and halved figs fill in those odd spots with these small unique pieces.

Image of extra tidbits being added to cheese board


Take your board to boss level with one easy add on, a garnish. You can use spears of rosemary, the top leafy spears of the of celery stalk, basil or mint leaves, or even fresh cut flowers to create a grand presentation out of the simplest cheese board.

Image of garnishes being added to cheese board 


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