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Expanding our cheeses!

Posted by Anna Laurin on
Expanding our cheeses!

From pepperoni and horseradish flavors to aged and marbled, we have expanded our cheese offerings. You can now order some of our other favorite cheeses and have it delivered to your doorstep.

Below we have expanded upon our top five best-selling Troyer cheeses from Our Other Favorite Cheeses!

5. Troyer Cheddar Garlic

Troyer Cheddar Garlic Cheese

Just the right amount of garlic, the Troyer Cheddar Garlic combines the mellow flavors of cheddar with the earthy, spicy flavors of fresh garlic. Try it sliced between hearty bread with spicy mustard, pickles and rotisserie chicken or add a zing by melting it over your vegetable frittata.

 4. Troyer Blue Marble

Troyer Blue Marble Cheese

The distinctive bold marbling of this Troyer Blue Marble cheese will turn heads. Consisting of a creamy, semi-soft cheese featuring beautiful marbled blue veins woven throughout. You can definitely distinguish a distinct blue cheese flavor, but it is not over-powering and less salty than many blue cheeses. A slice or two makes for a great creamy addition to a buffalo chicken sandwich or try it crumbled atop a strawberry balsamic salad.

3. Troyer 2 Year Aged Sharp White Cheddar

Troyer 2 Year Aged Sharp White Cheddar

Aged white cheddar for a complex, unforgettable flavor. With a longer aging time, the cheddar flavor of this Troyer 2 Aged Sharp White Cheddar becomes sharper making it a great cheese to pair with sweet, fruity options such as honey and dried fruit or with salty, savory flavors such as artisanal salami and whole grain mustard. For an added gourmet touch we suggest adding a slice or two into your next grilled cheese sandwich.

2. Troyer Blueberry Cheddar

Troyer Blueberry Cheddar

Smooth and mellow white cheddar mixed with the sweet flavors of blueberries, this Troyer Blueberry Cheddar cheese is undeniably sweet and flavorful. Enjoy this as a dessert cheese paired with sweet fruit or melted over a warm toasted bagel.

1. Troyer Cheddar Horseradish

Troyer Cheddar Horseradish

Every bit of this Troyer Cheddar Horseradish cheese starts with the flavors of creamy white cheddar cheese but leaves you with the mouthtingling flavors of horseradish — be ready to enjoy a flavorful ride. Use this cheese to create a savory cheese ball or shred it into your crab cakes for the right amount of zing. 

View all of our additional cheese offerings by visiting Our Other Favorite Cheeses.

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