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Sustainable packaging can be fed to cows

Posted by Anna Laurin on
Sustainable packaging can be fed to cows

Being farmer-owned means The Creamery reflects the values of our dairy farm families in everything we do. From creating and selling high-quality products, to using materials that help lessen our carbon impact. Sustainability isn't just an initiative valued by our family farmer owners its an initiative we proactively support everyday at The Creamery, both in store and with the packages ordered online at

This past fall we introduced sustainable packaging as part of our shipping process. Each online order of perishables is shipped and delivered in a box filled with a corn-based compostable insulated liner, eco-friendly bubble wrap and biodegradable packing peanuts.

Best of all, the box packaging will compost, or go through the natural recycling process, in 60 days or less, which can then be used as feed for our farmer-owner's dairy herds.

“Sustainability starts at the farm and ends with us,” says Marie teVelde, senior director of retail operations and marketing at The Creamery and senior director of farm practices for the Western Fluid Group. “Our members work hard to be sustainable on their farms with their land, water and manure. The Creamery supports our members’ efforts and wants to do its part.”

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