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Utah-made cheese & beer pairing guide

Posted by Anna Laurin on
Utah-made cheese & beer pairing guide

Pairing cheese and beer is often perceived as complicated, but it’s easier than you think. Exploring different combinations, flavors and your own palate can be a fun adventure that not only supports local businesses but makes for a fun evening.

This simple guide helps you explore locally made flavors of The Creamery cheeses along with the perfect Utah-made beers to match. Plus, we’ve included some pairing notes to help impress your friends. Purchase our cheeses online and visit each brewery’s website to find where you can purchase these beer pairing suggestions, and share with us your favorite!

1. The Creamery Sharp Cheddar

The Creamery Sharp Cheddar and Uinta Brewing Co. Hazy Nosh India Pale Ale

Pair this robust cheese with a fruitful India Pale Ale, like the Uinta Brewing Co. Grapefruit Nosh Fruit IPA. Take a bite and have a sip. Notice how its tangy-sweet white grapefruit and hop-forward notes balance the savory Cheddar flavor.

Level-up pairing: Push the boundaries of these rich flavors with full flavored pairings of dark chocolate, fig jam or smoked bacon.

2. The Creamery Cheddar Cheese Curd

The Creamery Cheddar Cheese Curd and Epic Brewing Co. RiNo American Pale Ale

A fun squeaky texture with a classic mellow cheddar flavor, lets our cheddar cheese curds play a supporting role to the bright, juicy hops and laid-back attitude of the Epic Brewing Co. RiNo American Pale Ale.

Level-up pairing: Create a simple cheese board to accompany this cheese and beer pairing featuring toasted almonds, sopressata salami and club crackers.

3. The Creamery Gouda

The Creamery Gouda and Red Rock Brewing Co. Golden Halo Blonde Ale

While traditionally paired with a strong stout beer, we suggest trying our young, mildly sweet gouda with a medium bodied golden ale. Red Rock Brewing Co.'s Golden Halo Golden Ale has subtle flavors perfect for fresh and summery days.

Level-up pairing: Create the perfect summer charcuterie board to match the vibe of this pairing. Use sweet and spicy combos such as chorizo, peaches and hot honey alongside our Gouda.

4. The Creamery Salsa Cheddar Curd

The Creamery Salsa Cheddar Curd and Moab Brewery Moab Pilsner

With a savory and spicy flavor, our salsa cheddar curds will steal the show if you let them. We suggest pairing them with a simple easy-to-drink pilsner. Mild hops, balanced aroma and a crisp mouth-feel, the Moab Brewing Co. Moab Pilsner plays the role of supporting character well with our salsa cheddar curds.

Level-up pairing: Mix and match subtle flavor pairings to allow the spicy of these cheddar cheese curds to shine. Tortilla chips, grapes and cured meat are among our favorite pairings.

Check out our printable to-go pairing guide and let us know your favorite Utah-made pairings.

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