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Create your own cheeseboard

Posted by Anna Laurin on
Create your own cheeseboard

From locally made chocolates and jams to spicy honey or rich syrups, you can create a fun and delicious cheese board featuring uniquely Utah items.

The Plate: Any style will do! A wooden cutting board, marble serving board, shallow serving dish or even a plate all make great cheese board bases.




  • Cheddar Cheese Curds, 1 pound
  • Colby Jack, 1 pound
  • Medium Cheddar, 1 pound


  • Sliced cured meat, such as salami or prosciutto 



Optional others:

  • 2-3, 4-inch sprigs of fresh rosemary for a festive touch
  • Additional accompaniments, such as sliced fruit, toasted almonds or pickled vegetables

View The Creamery cheese pairing guide at



  1. Fill small ramekins or serving bowls with honey and jelly, place both on the board
  2. Arrange the sliced medium cheddar and colby jack
  3. Place cheese curd in a pile or use a small bowl. Between the three cheeses and the honey and jelly, leave enough room to fill in with the remaining items
  4. Place sliced meat, shortbread cookies and tiddies
  5. Fill in board with assorted chocolates and any additional accompaniments

Pro Tip: Slice cheeses into fun shapes, such as thin triangular slices or long, skinny rectangles – get creative!

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  • Sarder Tajul Islam on

    This blog is great and informative! Creating a cheese board with locally made items adds a unique touch. I love the variety of cheeses and accompaniments suggested. Have you tried experimenting with different shapes for slicing cheeses? It can add a fun and creative element to the cheese board presentation.

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