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Host a virtual cheese gathering

Posted by Anna Laurin on
Host a virtual cheese gathering

Whether separated by 6 feet or thousands of miles, families are coming together virtually this holiday season. Even if you’re not a pro at holding a conversation over video calls, you can make it fun by hosting a virtual cheese board building event for friends and family. Here’s how!


Tools needed

  • Gift box filled with cheeses and pairings
  • Serving or styling dish
    • Any style will do! A wooden cutting board, marble serving board, shallow serving dish or even a plate all make great cheese board bases
  • Cutting board
  • Cheese knife or planer
  • Small spoon for serving
  • 1-2 small ramekins or serving bowls
  • Video call technology


How to

  1. Set up a time with friends and family
    In past years the holidays have been filled with all kinds of exciting and fun events, not so much in 2020. Get your loved ones excited for a REAL event this holiday season by sending out a text or email invite to set aside 1-2 hours in the afternoon or evening to gather around tasty treats!


  1. Send them a gift box
    Share your love for The Creamery’s locally made and family farmer-owned cheeses by sending them one of our favorite boxes — The Party Pleaser or The Creamery’s Finest.

    We suggest ordering gift boxes at least one to two weeks out from your event. With delays due to the impact of Coronavirus on parcel delivery services, the sooner you order the better. Read our full shipping policy here.


  1. Share these cheese board ideas
    Whether you want to create a step-by-step event or let everyone create their own, cheese boards can be filled with all types of delicious pairings.

    View our cheese board guides below for ideas, steps and the tools needed to create a beautifully delicious cheese board based on The Party Pleaser or The Creamery’s Finest.
  1. Day of the event
    We suggest letting the cheese come to room temperature to enjoy their full creamy flavors. Then open and slice the cheeses and any additional pairings to make styling easy during your event.

    Jump on your video call and cheese it up — it doesn’t have to be perfect but make it fun! 


Share with us your experiences by snapping a photo to Instagram and tagging us @TheCreameryUtah

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